The Love of Jesus is a bible teaching, spirit-filled, nondenominational ministry founded on the following vision: “…to restore, rebuild, and establish families back to the original plan of God.” Our congregation is comprised of rich cultures from all over the world, including: The Caribbean, South America, Africa, Europe, and the United States.  Our goal is to empower the God given potential in people of all nations and races, and to liberate the world from all types of oppressions of the enemy both spiritual and physical. Through teaching, modeling, and preaching the word of faith, we enable men, women, and children to experience great exploits in their lives according to the plan of God.

Our doors are always open and we invite anyone looking for fellowship, a sense of family, spiritual growth, encouragement, or simply support. We offer a variety of ministries for men, women, young people, and children, as well as groups appealing to particular interests. Our Sunday morning services are a time where we come together to glorify God in praise and worship, to hear the teaching of God’s word, and experience His powerful presence. Our Tuesday evening bible studies provide an intimate opportunity for you to come and grow in your knowledge of God, and our Friday evening, “Hour of Power” is a time of powerful and impactful corporate prayer.

No matter who you are, or where you are in your life, you are always welcome to join us!


Our vision is to restore, rebuild and establish families, communities, countries and nations back to the original plan of God. (Jeremiah 1:10)


Our mission is to empower individuals, families, communities, countries and nations, teaching them through spiritual, educational, economic, and civic empowerment, enhancing their ability to impact their generation through their leadership skills and allowing them to advance and become engaged members of their communities and the world at large.


Sunday Worship - 10:00 am
Tuesday Bible Study - 7:30 pm
Friday Prayer - 7:30 pm


Love of Jesus World Outreach Center
385 Broadway
Paterson, NJ 07501

Main Sanctuary


You can use Google Maps for directions to our building. We have ample parking on both sides of the building and we are located in the main church sanctuary on the first floor.

Google Maps Driving Directions


Our church has a “come as you are” atmosphere. You will see some dressed up, some dressed casual; so be yourself!


Apostle Cassiaus Farrell: A man, a father, a husband, a friend, a pastor—all by the grace of God!

What to Expect

Our building features two parking lots on opposite sides of the building.  You may park in any available parking space that is not labeled as reserved or handicapped.  In addition to our two parking lots, there is ample on-street parking in the event that you are not able to locate an available parking space.

After entering the building, you will be brought into our lobby area which has a help desk located behind the fountain water feature.  In the event that you have any questions, you can proceed to the help desk for further clarification.

If you do not have any questions, you can proceed through the doors located to the left of the LOJ Café, which will take you to the foyer area of the main sanctuary.  You can proceed through one of the sanctuary’s double doors and sit wherever you feel most comfortable.  We do not have reserved seating, so don’t worry about sitting in someone else’s spot.

Our services begin with a brief word of prayer followed by praise and worship.  On Sundays, our live band provides the musical accompaniment to our choir as we sing praises to the Lord.  If you don’t know the lyrics to the songs, don’t worry–we have two 70″ LCD screens that show the words to every song we sing.

After praise and worship, we conduct a voluntary tithes and offering and the envelopes are located in the seat pocket in front of you.

Our tithes and offering is followed by biblical teaching by either Apostle Cassiaus, one of the ministers of the church, or a special guest minister.  During the service, the youth are invited to proceed to their respective services. Visit our ministries page to learn more about the youth services.

If it’s your first time visiting us, you will be welcomed by our church after service in our restaurant and hospitality room where you will be greeted by our hospitality team.